At That Age

Well, it's a new day. Did anyone else listen to three entire episodes of Comic Books Are Burning in Hell over the weekend? No? Oh. Well, you should consider indulging in this fine podcast, which makes the best case yet that Joe McCulloch could become a religious leader of some kind, maybe like L. Ron Hubbard. He's just the convincing. Speaking of Joe, here's his Week in Comics.

And elsewhere:

This is actually a Punisher "fan film" by Punisher actor Thomas Jane. Why am I fascinated by this? I don't know. Maybe because I was looking at some Klaus Janson over the weekend.

Somewhat comics-related: The Library of America has launched a companion web site to its American Science Fiction series. Here's William Gibson on Alfred Bester.

Bill Kartalopolous profiles our ol' Ganzfeld co-founder, one-time cartoonist and current Vector Park maestro, Patrick Smith.

Not comics: It's been alternately distrusting and fascinating to watch the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles completely implode. There are many lessons here about curatorial integrity, not pandering, fiscal responsibility, and, as the artists all resign from the board, a lot to be said about maintaining the trust of the people who make the stuff a museum is meant to show.

Finally, TCJ-contributor Frank Santoro has an excerpt from his graphic novel, Storeyville, over at What Things Do.

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  1. Frank Santoro says:

    “because I was looking at some Klaus Janson over the weekend” – Yah, I need my DD #148 back please. xo

  2. Groth says:

    It’s funny, I stumbled onto this 10-minute Punisher “trailer” yesterday —which, believe me, is somewhat uncharacteristic— on the website of an effusive blogger who was prattling on about how wonderful it was that such a film could be made for the sheer love of it and not for comnmercial reasons, as if making this brainless piece of shit was somehow made laudable because there was no profit motive behind it when I should think exactly the opposite — I was reminded of of George Santayana’s comment, “Americans love junk; it’s not the junk that bothers me, it’s the love,” more relevant today, with Comic-Con being its apotheosis and triumph, than ever.

    What an odd coincidence.

  3. Tony says:

    Let’s play six degrees – no, scratch that. Let’s play two degrees of separation:

    Dark Country – The Graphic Novel
    Adaptation and art by Thomas Ott
    Produced and directed by Thomas Jane
    Designed by Tim Bradstreet

    “Tom and I (Tim Bradstreet) are proud to announce the forthcoming Graphic adaptation of Dark Country, with artwork by the incomparable THOMAS OTT !!!

    This was a dream come true for our own Tom Jane, as he’s a huge fan of Thomas Ott’s work.
    I myself was not aware of Ott’s work until Jane turned me on way back when the idea for this GN came into existence.”

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