All Those Dollars

Today on the site Tucker Stone ushers us into September.


Heidi MacDonald and many commenters weigh in on our recent kerfuffle. Warning: I am mentioned. So’s a book I published.

More on the recent Batwoman creator dispute.

My book of the week, Reggie-12, reviewed.

And our parent company, Fantagraphics, announced it will publish Don Rosa’s stories of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge and co.


9 Responses to All Those Dollars

  1. patrick ford says:

    Was it really “indie people” arguing among themselves about the Karns book?
    It seemed to me it was a bunch of people who feel disrespected by TCJ noticing an opportunity to grind their ax.

    • Martin Wisse says:

      Not really. Nobody attacked The Comics Journal or even Frank Santoro for posting about the comic in the first place. It was about Karns and his hangups.

  2. Pallas says:

    Is Comics of the Weak no longer going to have a comment section or is that a glitch? (Is Tucker retiring? That new column reads like a sign off.)

  3. Mark Mayerson says:

    Will Fantagraphics be paying Don Rosa royalties? Because as far as I know, Disney does not.

    • Allen Smith says:

      I would hope some payment would be made to Rosa.

      • Michael Grabowski says:

        If not, one could make sure to buy the books at the cheapest Amazon discount and mail Rosa the difference between that and the SRP.

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