All Those Dollars

Today on the site Tucker Stone ushers us into September.


Heidi MacDonald and many commenters weigh in on our recent kerfuffle. Warning: I am mentioned. So's a book I published.

More on the recent Batwoman creator dispute.

My book of the week, Reggie-12, reviewed.

And our parent company, Fantagraphics, announced it will publish Don Rosa's stories of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge and co.


9 Responses to All Those Dollars

  1. patrick ford says:

    Was it really “indie people” arguing among themselves about the Karns book?
    It seemed to me it was a bunch of people who feel disrespected by TCJ noticing an opportunity to grind their ax.

  2. Not really. Nobody attacked The Comics Journal or even Frank Santoro for posting about the comic in the first place. It was about Karns and his hangups.

  3. Pallas says:

    Is Comics of the Weak no longer going to have a comment section or is that a glitch? (Is Tucker retiring? That new column reads like a sign off.)

  4. Tim Hodler says:

    Tucker asked for the comments to be turned off this time. And if he’s retiring the column, he hasn’t told us yet.

  5. Scott says:

    Tucker has been doing this tired-of-mainstream-comics act for a while. It reads like a sign off because he’s finally perfected the shtick.

  6. Mark Mayerson says:

    Will Fantagraphics be paying Don Rosa royalties? Because as far as I know, Disney does not.

  7. Aw hell, I thought Hanselmann’s diss against Ryan was funny, and hoisting the guy with his own petard, and the Dane Cook line is apt.

  8. Allen Smith says:

    I would hope some payment would be made to Rosa.

  9. Michael Grabowski says:

    If not, one could make sure to buy the books at the cheapest Amazon discount and mail Rosa the difference between that and the SRP.

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