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Alex Robinson on Warlock by Jim Starlin


Box Office Poison creator Alex Robinson joins me in the Talkie Hutt for a chat about the 1970's Marvel classic, Warlock, by Jim Starlin.





Alex Robinson is the author of Box Office Poison, Tricked, Too Cool To Be Forgotten, and the brand new Our Expanding Universe, all published by Top Shelf Productions. He is also a notable podcaster, currently hosting the shows Star Wars Minute and Alphabeatical.

Mike Dawson is the author of Freddie & Me, Troop 142, Angie Bongiolatti, and the forthcoming Rules For Dating My Daughter. Follow him on Twitter and Tumblr.


8 Responses to Alex Robinson on Warlock by Jim Starlin

  1. Spencer says:

    The discussion at the end about how ones drawing style is like ones “voice” was interesting. I think that it is possible to change styles but it means that your work takes a huge drop in quality until you’ve mastered the new “voice”. I actually think a lot of artists plateau because they go as far as they can go in a particular style or mode of drawing and graphic storytelling and it gets even harder to let go and take that temporary(which might actually be a considerable amount of time) hit in quality.

    However, i think that in that process itself you learn a lot and can then get out of the plateau, but it does require an awkward phase I think.

  2. Chris Duffy says:

    Great stuff! Thanks! In terms of who read this stuff (along with Man Thing and Howard the Duck), kids READ THIS STUFF in the 70s. Me and comics reading friends (I was 10 in 77) all read the Marvel material that feels too esoteric for kids. Did we get it all? Probably not, but it was a period when you took what you got.

  3. Chris Duffy says:

    oh, and feel free to invite me to future 70s themed podcasts so you don’t have to Google so much.

  4. Chris Duffy says:

    Warlock’s “size problem” is dealt with in an issue of Marvel Team-Up before the Avengers annual. It wasn’t by Starlin so maybe they left it out of the book. SEE?

  5. Mike Dawson says:

    lol – awesome. Thanks for the explanation :)

  6. Russ Martin says:

    The earlier Warlock series by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane was partly inspired by the success of the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” back when there was a connection (hard to imagine now) between mainstream Christianity and the hippie movement. After that series ended, there was a sequence in the Hulk where Warlock was literally crucified and resurrected.

    Marvel Comics was going through an aggressive period of expansion during the early-to-mid 70’s. Editor Roy Thomas hauled in as many free-lancers as he could find to fill pages, many recruited from his fanzine connections. And because there was so much to turn out, the new generation of creators were basically turned loose without supervision to funnel in their own enthusiasms about how to expand comics, resulting in some really weird variations. Quite a few of these guys (like Starlin, Englehart and Brunner) were regular users of mind-altering drugs. Many characters during that era were shown hallucinating or having their realities warped. There was a great deal of conceptual cross-pollination with Undergrounds, and those three creators were part of the new “Ground Level” comics put out by Star*Reach. It was a really interesting time for comics readers.

  7. Jikorijo says:

    What were all those sounds in the background while Alex and Mike were talking? I’m just curious.

  8. D. Fenestre says:

    did you do any research prior to recording this or did you just open up the book and start asking questions?

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