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Alejandra Gutiérrez: Day Five

Alejandra Gutiérrez was born in 1994 in Cartagena, Colombia. She now lives in Portland, Oregon with a man who buys her limes. 

She draws herself a lot and pretends to be a Valley girl and she recently drew one of the main stories in Twisted Romance from Image Comics.

She also just watched the film Blade and loved it. Her drawings and ass can be found on her twitter @effalope and on her instagram @hellewoods


2 Responses to Alejandra Gutiérrez: Day Five

  1. Rob says:

    I just cannot get over how Gutiérrez’s art is pretty much a mundane attempt at replicating Graham’s work. Her lines, choice of colors, and her use of collage seem less of an homage than a mere derivative of Graham’s style. I’m sure their relationship as a couple complicates things but it doesn’t deny the fact that we are viewing the work of a less-skilled artist in comparison to Brandon’s current output.

    I appreciate Gutiérrez’s point of view for a number of reasons, but we’d probably be better off by having her write the script for a Graham-illustrated comic.

    Nonetheless, thanks for the comix!!!

  2. Joel says:

    Wow….how overly dismissive….

    Alejandra obviously loves and lives with one of her art heroes, Brandon Graham….things like art style and media are going to rub off (no pun intended, but you know Brandon would have made one, anyway).

    Dismissing a young artists style is just a bummer, as Alejandra DOES have a voice, and while I do see the notes of Brandon’s style showing through, it certainly doesn’t warrant being called out as a “less-skilled artist”.

    I know it’s TCJ, but c’mon…everyone has influences…and everyone has feelings.

    These strips are putting a lot out there, and that’s scary nowadays….lots of people assume much and use whatever you give them as ammo, for whatever reasons you need to attack someone…

    These strips also show growth, and while one or two verge on the wordy side of the precarious “word vs. image” balance, Alejandra is learning.

    You’re getting to see an artist come into her own, and she’s got plenty of room to grow

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