Admit It

Frank Santoro files his column from the road.

And James Romberger reviews In the Days of the Mob.


A new book on Bob Montana outside of Archie. Mike Lynch's announcement of the book includes this quote, which is the best I've read about comics in a long while:

"Bob didn't want his friends to think he was all about the comic strip," said Anderson. "One of his friends told me that he used to say, 'What kind of person would you think I was if my ego and self worth were wrapped up in a comic strip?'"

What kind of person indeed?

Comics repression in Egypt.

Writer-about-comics Gene Kannenberg, Jr. podcasts.

A preview of Brandon Graham's new Multiple Warheads rarities collection.

Darryl Ayo Brathwaite on cartoonists as human beings.

Rob Liefeld on the halcyon days of the X-Men.

More love for Ed Piskor from his hometown paper.

Not comics: The great film critic Stanley Kauffmann passed away and James Wolcott and David Denby pay tribute to him.


3 Responses to Admit It

  1. I admit that I was more surprised by the fact that Stanley Kauffmann was still alive than by his passing.

  2. Oliver says:

    Three great, veteran film critics this year alone: Roger Ebert, Donald Richie and Stanley Kauffmann (though admittedly all three, for all their wisdom, had their share of blind spots).

  3. Matt M says:

    As I saw pointed out at Sean Howe’s blog yesterday, Kaufmann wasn’t exactly “not-comics,” as he was a Golden Age editor for Fawcett. He’s interviewed in “The 10 Cent Plague.”

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