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Last week I went on a three day Michigan getaway. It was a non-traditional family vacation of sorts, comprising five adults and three boys aged six months, three years and six years, respectively. Although I’ve done some teaching, I am … Continue reading


Credo: The Rose Wilder Lane Story

Characters as big, as fantastic, as fascinating and as full of contradictions as Rose Wilder Lane really can’t be invented, even by the most imaginative cartoonists. They can only be found, and their stories re-shaped and retold. In Lane, Bagge has found a real doozy, and the result is a doozy of a comic.   Continue reading


Death Threat

In 2017, trans Canadian writer and musician Vivek Shraya began receiving hate mail from an online stranger. The stranger is cruel and condescending, and they are not hiding. Each email is signed with a full name and an address. Like … Continue reading


Strong Female Protagonist

Superhero narratives ask a thoughtful question: “If you had the power, how could you do good?” And then they answer it in perhaps the stupidest possible way:  “Hit bad guys really hard.”  Superheroes are empowerment fantasies disguised as morality tales, … Continue reading



I’d never heard of Edouard Cour’s Herakles before it was nominated for an Eisner for Best U.S. Edition of International Material, but then I’d only heard of 40 percent of the nominees in that category. The Eisners are weird, though, … Continue reading


Pope Hats 6

That Lin, fresh off his early-career defining triumph, uses this issue to take stock rather than diving headlong into another decade-consuming saga, is understandable. That Shapeshifter feels like a minor issue in the wake of Frances’s triple-sized conclusion in #5 is equally so. Continue reading


Bad Weekend

There’s a certain kind of inside baseball type of writing that has an indefinable quality that determines whether it’s good or bad. Like “movies about movies” describes all sorts of things, but movies about the movie industry? There’s a big … Continue reading


Simon & Louise

Belgian cartoonist Max de Radigués has recently put out a couple of critically acclaimed graphic novels in the U.S.: Moose, a surprisingly dark book about bullying and Bastard, a violent mom-and-son crime spree comic. Both are black and white, edgy … Continue reading