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Today on the site, Greg Hunter talks to Anya Davidson, one of the most fluid and natural cartoonists around today. She of course is the author of School Spirits and has a story in the new (excellent) Kramers Ergot 9.


Good news for Tim Hensley fans -- his Sir Alfred No. 3 is now available. Like Tim's previous book, Wally Gropius, this is a complete and utterly perfect masterpiece. As a work of cartooning, biography, comedy, and conceptual rigor it just can't be beat. Get it as soon as you possibly can. Chris Mautner will have a review for us soon, and in the meantime, revisit Tim Hodler's interview with the artist from 2014.

Frank's own Comics Workbook brings us a report on the 2016 Fumetto Festival. Hard to believe it was 2009 and 2010 when I attended. Seems like yesterday. I'm getting old.

Publishers Weekly reports on the new plan for Heavy Metal hardcover volumes. I'm not so into the new work I've seen, but I hold out most likely foolish hopes that the brand has access to its deep history.

Finally, I'll fall for this listicle: Time travel stories in comics. 


3 Responses to In, Saved

  1. RM Rhodes says:

    My absolute favorite thing about Heavy Metal is how everything is eventually merchandised under the rubric of “collectability.” In the second issue, they were already crowing about how the first issue was a collector’s item.

    Nothing every changes.

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    the good ol’ day really were good
    #PictureBox #ComicsComics #RIP #didntwealmosthaveitall

  3. Dan Nadel says:

    Ha! That was fun. Lauren was pregnant! I feel pretty good about that photo (except that I’m not that thin anymore and I have less hair) since most comics at any given comics fest today are rooted in those cartoonists. Hey, wait a minute… I’m comforted (and also chilled) by the fact that you, Frank, look exactly the same. Must be the blood of 1970s Marvel inkers you ingest every day.

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