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A Bit of a Manga

Bob Levin on Malcolm Whyte, and comics links. Continue reading


Cottage Industry

In 1997, at an age when most men’s life planning turns toward Social Security, Malcolm Whyte launched a new career. He had formerly published books and he wanted to again. But what books and on what scale? Continue reading


Julie Delporte

You’ve got a friend. Continue reading



Julie Delporte and links. Continue reading



The mystery of Carlos Gonzalez, and art art art. Continue reading


“Let Your Dreams Touch Air”: An Interview with Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez is an deeply inspirational figure in the underground comics and music scene. His influence is manifest in much of the genre and horror-driven work that appears in the current generation, but his presence seems to be more of a rumor, even a legend. Continue reading


Pre and Post

Jog, Reubens and links. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/28/14 – I Brake for Antics)

Maybe the most purely interesting week this year, just going by the names involved. Also: pages thawed out from the Tundra. Continue reading