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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (1/15/14 – How Many People Can Say They’ve Drawn the Biggest Comic There Was?)

Examining one of the under-read comics of last year, despite all the commotion. Continue reading


Great Big Beautiful

Guy Colwell’s Doll. Continue reading


Small Rooms

New subscription offer! Continue reading


Don’t Look Back

Jesse Reklaw, Alan Moore stirring things up, and more. Continue reading


Clunkers from the Back Issue Bin

Number 1’s which never ever sell. Continue reading


Country Club Sales

Frank and the links. Continue reading



Anatole Howard, David B., and more. Continue reading


“Stories Are Just People”: An Interview with Anatola Howard

She started putting her work up on deviantART when she was 10 years old. She’s designed two computer games. She’s drawn comics for Wolfen Jump and been published by Rigged Books. She has a work ethic that would make a full-time cartoonist blush. Oh, and she’s 16. Continue reading