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It’s About Goddamned Time

Advice for men wanting to get into comics. Continue reading


Now Hear This

Get hip! Continue reading


Dessert Is Good

Yang, Bagge, Mould Map and links. Continue reading


“If You’re Going to Fail, Just Make Sure You Fail Big”: An Interview with Gene Luen Yang

The American Born Chinese author talks about his newest book (Boxers & Saints), recreating history, and the role of faith in creative life. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/27/13 – The Pursuit of Sedition on the YA Scene)

Journeying to exotic lands to bring you the best in meaningful distraction! Continue reading



Joe McCulloch on the Week in Comics, reviews of minicomics by Rob Kirby and Golden Age propaganda by Paul Buhle, and more. Continue reading


“I Was Convinced that Beirut Stopped at that Wall”: An interview with Zeina Abirached

A conversation with the author of A Game for Swallows. Continue reading



Zeina Abirached and links. Continue reading