Monthly Archives: September 2013

“I’m Gonna Open Sealed Door to Negative Zone!”

A look at the pencils for Fantastic Four # 61. Continue reading


Gym Time

Kirby and links. Continue reading


The Name Garo: Shirato Sanpei and the Indo-Manga Connection

Uncovering the meaning of the name Garo Continue reading


Gonna Get Better Some Time

Holmberg on “Garo” and links. Continue reading


SPX, NY Art Book Fair, and the Brooklyn Book Festival

A good week to be a comic book maker. Continue reading


Unexpected Delays

Frank and traveling links. Continue reading


Take Five: An Interview with Arnold Roth

In this 1991 interview, Gary Groth talks to Arnold Roth about jazz, Humbug, Harvey Kurtzman, the Senate hearings, Poor Arnold’s Almanac, National Lampoon, and more. Continue reading


Head Full of Snot

Groth talks to Roth. And other things to read and listen to. Continue reading