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50 Years of Mediocrity

In this piece from The Comics Journal #207, cartoonist Sam Henderson (Magic Whistle) reflects on his time at the School of Visual Arts. Continue reading


50 Years of Mediocrity, 15 Years to Reflect

Fifteen years later, Sam Henderson looks back at the controversial article he wrote about his alma mater, SVA. Continue reading


The Opposite of What You’d Expect

Sam Henderson confronts the ghosts of SVA Past and Present. Plus, tons and tons of links. Continue reading



Some models. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/31/13 – Number Two in Superhero Fiction)

A glimpse into the evolution of a superhero artist precedes this latest arrangement of happy premonitions. Continue reading


Inflected Lines

Waldo and comics Continue reading


Weather Report

Tucker and talking heads. Continue reading


The Wind That Shakes the Blogosphere

Frank’s back, and so’s the news. Continue reading