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The Masters

Dissing comic books, SPX video, and more. Continue reading


The Week In Which I Read And Liked A Lot Of Terrible Comics Instead Of Building Stories, Which Is Just Sitting Right Here Being Gloomy

Grant Morrison three ways, Garth Ennis two, Mark Millar one. Continue reading


Here They Are.

The big gets. Continue reading


Before Barnaby: Crockett Johnson Grows Up and Turns Left

The artist typically said very little about his life before Barnaby. But before Barnaby, there was Crockett Johnson. And before Crockett Johnson, there was David Johnson Leisk. Continue reading


Oh! Oh!

Philip Nel on the young, radical Crockett Johnson; Dave Sim and Kim Thompson continue to hash things out; and much more. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (9/26/12 – The Dirty Picture)

The tingling prospect of anthropomorphic critters returning to the Fantagraphics stable inspires yet another dumpster dive into the heyday! Continue reading



Trips, lawsuits, exits. Continue reading


Big Things

The return of Carter Scholz, the end of Cul de Sac, and more. Continue reading