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Here’s Hoping They Buried Your Dreams With Him

Two weeks’ worth of complaining about comics in one! Continue reading

Shoes 1980 by Philip Guston 1913-1980

Shoes Off

The beach is here. Continue reading


Puffs of Smoke

Lots of Jeet Heer this morning! Continue reading

The Death of General Wolfe, by Benjamin West

Fact and Fancy in Seth’s G.N.B. Double C

Everybody misunderstands Seth. Popular mythology has pegged the cartoonist as a nostalgist hankering over the lost past. In fact, Seth is a fantastist obsessed not with the world-that-was but rather the world-as-it-might-have-been. Continue reading


Gold Out of Straw

Ed the Happy Clown returns, Shadow covers do battle, an ancient penny drops, Adrian Tomine meets Liz Prince in a paper bag, and Ray Bradbury checks out. Continue reading


All Thumbs

The return of roulette, Kickstarter, Kirby, New Orleans. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/27/12 – Everything, Everything, Everything)

The summer season explodes with an eruption of quality that challenges the very boundaries of this column and the sanctity of your purse! Continue reading


Making Comics Fans Happy Since ’76

We aim to please. Continue reading