Monthly Archives: April 2012

Jack Kirby: Hand of Fire Roundtable (Part 1)

A roundtable on the occasion of Charles Hatfield’s book, Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby, with contributions from Jonathan Lethem, Glen David Gold, Sarah Boxer, Doug Harvey, Dan Nadel, and Robert Fiore. Continue reading


Generals and Soldiers

Kirby, Derf, the law and the weekend. Continue reading


Permanent Tour

On The Road. Again. Continue reading


Sometimes You Just Kick Back And Watch ‘Em Drown

Exhausted by comics this week, Tucker recruits assistance from Joe McCulloch and Abhay Khosla. Continue reading


That’s a Wrap

Stone, Clough, and the comics internet. Continue reading


Frozen Out

Spain, reflections on rights, a couple of interviews, and a bit more. Continue reading


Spain Rodriguez: Still Cruisin’ After All These Years

A visit with the great underground artist on the occasion of another installment of his Buffalo stories. Continue reading


Two Thousand Twelve

Roberson, Deitch & Pekar, health crises, Josep Maria Berenguer RIP, and more. Continue reading