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An Interview with MoCCA Founder Lawrence Klein

How the museum has been able to survive, why building a permanent collect has not been a high priority, and why Klein left the museum and New York. Continue reading



More on MoCCA, Tucker Stone returns, and a can’t-miss Ben Katchor interview. Continue reading



Archie, Cerebus, and Young Blueberry take their places (and their marks) alongside the Avengers and the Flash. Continue reading


State of the Art Museum: What MoCCA Has Accomplished and Failed to Accomplish After Ten Years

For better or worse, MoCCA is the high-water mark for the level of respectability that comic art has been able to carve out for itself in its home town. Continue reading


It’s Happening

MoCCA, NYC, Raw drawing and a Midwestern report. Continue reading


Mo’ Art, Mo’ Problems

Terminology Continue reading


Craig Thompson

This time around, Mike talks to the creator of Habibi and Blankets. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (3/28/12 – The Secret Life of a Licensed Comic)

A few words about the human element in manufactured fun. Continue reading