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A Jesse Moynihan Interview

The new breed. The webcomics warlock talks. Continue reading


Meet Us Out There

Frank brings the talk, APE plans & links. Continue reading


The Metaphrog Interview

As Metaphrog, the art team of writer John Chalmers and artist Sandra Marrs create paranoid fantasies about their native Glasgow, and children’s comics that are more Kafka than Tintin. Continue reading



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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (9/28/11 – Works of Mighty Import)

A week of challenging and provocative works destined to spark controversy, discussion and rebuke. So naturally, it’s time for Eros Comix. Continue reading


To the Coast

The week in comics and a handful of links… Continue reading


Event Watch — Justice League #1: Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again. . .

They’ve hyped the new Justice League #1 as a “Game-Changer.” But is it? The Comics Journal investigates. Continue reading