Monthly Archives: June 2011

Thierry Martens, R.I.P.

The passing of an important editor. Continue reading


Lost Boy: The Comics of Dave Kiersh

The key repeating motif of Dave Kiersh’s cartooning career is Peter Pan. Continue reading


Part 3: Television

Our hero stumbles on the birth of television. Continue reading



Quantity! Continue reading


TCJ #301: Excerpt from the Genesis Interview

Discussed: The approaches various media have taken to the same source material, Crumb’s personal religious beliefs and what it’s like to bring to light some of the less savory Bible stories. Continue reading


Not That Far From Paradise

The deluge continues! Continue reading


Teen Me

Weekending in comics. Continue reading


Jim Davis and His Fat Feline Celebrate an Anniversary

Garfield is now 33 years old. And still likes lasagna. Continue reading