Monthly Archives: March 2011

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (3/23/11 – Multifarious Chills!)

Killer clowns! Buried publishers! Evil boots! Second printings! NEW COMICS. Continue reading


The Day After

Meet me in St. Louis! And links. Continue reading


New Rules

There is probably no way of avoiding annoying or useless comments altogether, but maybe putting a few policies into writing can help a bit with our signal-to-noise ratio. Continue reading


Layout Workbook 2

This week we’re going to look at how the 6 x 9-inch printed live area situates itself on the North American comic book page and spread. Continue reading


Live from Little Torch Key

The meaning of the term “Comics!”. Also: Prostitution. Continue reading


The Man o’ Steel’s Hawaiian Vacation

A little cinematic/literary/comic-book mystery. Continue reading


The Latest From Revival House

Rob reviews two new releases from the publisher Revival House: Trigger #2, by Mike Bertino; and Everything Unseen Parts 1-3 by Drew Beckmeyer. Continue reading


Spidey in Trouble?

News for TCJ subscribers, links, photos and other notes from vacation land. Continue reading