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The Sense That There Are Invisible Forces

Shuffle mode. Continue reading


Brandon Graham: Doomsday 4 Dummies

The fourth day in a week of the life of Brandon Graham Continue reading


Mollusks, Horses, and Nudes: Aquirax Uno in the Sixties

An introduction to the comics and poster work of Japanese hippy master Aquirax Uno. Continue reading

Emily and Kate

Brandon Graham: Day 3reeeee

The third day in a week of the life of cartoonist Brandon Graham. Continue reading

Jim Nutt Roam

Maximum Meat Flavor For Minimum Money

Quick trip to Windy City devolves into carnivorous food orgy. Continue reading


Brandon Graham: Day Two: Day Harder!

The second day in a week of the life of Brandon Graham. Continue reading


My Dinner without Andre

It is easy to pick a side in the long-running debate between Garfield Minus Garfield and the original Silent Garfield. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (3/30/11 – Mostly Reprints)

A few thoughts on this week’s new Dave Collier, after which I basically spill coffee on a time machine’s control panel. Continue reading